Motorola DROID RAZR to be thinnest and faster than iPhone 4S; Specs leaks

We have been hearing about Motorola RAZR for a while, the device which has been leaked many times seems to be faster and thinnest LTE device to date. Even though there has already been some rumors on its specs and design, it’s not confirmed yet but now BGR claims that the device is not only thin but also faster than the iPhone 4S.

The device is reportedly to feature as follows:

These specs are familiar and has been rumored earlier and now it gets more credibility, not confirmed though. The Motorola has teased an event on October 18 and in the video the company claims  the device to be “faster, thinner, smarter, stronger.” According to earlier reports, the device will also feature 8MP camera which can capture 1080p HD video and a HD front-facing camera too. You can check out the video here.