Motorola XOOM 2 with LTE on Verizon’s Inventory System

It seems that the release of the Anticipated Android tablet from the Motorola is matter of time, the devices have already surfaced many times early and now it has appeared on Verizon’s inventory system. The inventory system shows various version of the tablet with 4G LTE.

Even though Verizon has started selling the first version of the tablet with built-in LTE, many consumers might be waiting for the second edition with new features other than the same old tablet with LTE built-in. Motorola had great fault in its first release and now it seems that the company doesn’t want the mistake to happen again.

The Alleged screen shot shows two models of the XOOM 2 that include MZ617  and  MZ609 . The  MZ617 is the 10.1-inch version while the MZ609 could be the smaller XOOM 2 Media Edition. The each model will have 16 and 32GB versions while the 10.1 will also have a 64GB version.

We have no much idea about what these tablet would offer for the users while many of the consumers might be expecting Ice Cream Sandwich for their new tablets. As far as we know, these tablets are Honeycomb powered. Anyway let’s see what it comes with finally.