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Samsung to hold an Event on October 27th; Galaxy Note or Nexus Prime?

Samsung to hold an Event on October 27th; Galaxy Note or Nexus Prime?People are eager to know when the Nexus Prime will finally be released, even though the company had promised a media event on October 11th, lately the event was postponed to an unknown date and now it seems that the company has a plan to hold another event on October 27th in London.

According to report, the event is most likely to launch the Galaxy Note which was unveiled a few weeks ago. It’s not yet sure when the Google and Samsung hold another event for Galaxy Nexus aka Nexus Prime. It is whispered that it could be on October 19, yet it is speculation, no official confirmation about it.

There is another rumor that Samsung is changing features on Galaxy Prime on Apple lawsuit. It is said by Russian analyst Eldar Murtazin and t could be true, no proof though. lawsuit has come across some products of Samsung and even blocked some devices from releasing.

Anyway,  Galaxy Note is also one of the beasts which many people many have been waiting for since it’s debut. The device has exciting features like built-in stylus and stands between an Android Smartphone and a tablet. You can read more about Galaxy Note  here.


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