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Toshiba releases CAMILEO P100 and P30 Full HD Camcorder; Specs and Price

Toshiba releases CAMILEO P100 and P30 Full HD Camcorder; Specs and PriceToshiba has added two new digitil cameras on its CAMILEO lineup, the cameras are named CAMILEO P100 and CAMILEO P30. Both cameras are coming with a neat pistol-grip design, meaning they can easily be held in one hand for shooting video comfortably for long periods of time.

Both models feature a high-quality, flip-out viewfinder screen that measures a 2.5-inch LCD screen in the case of the CAMILEO P30 and a larger 3-inch panel on the CAMILEO P100. The screen is touch friendly so you can just tap on it and control the device, there is also0 physical buttons if you prefer the tactility of using the hardware buttons.

Both cameras can shoot Full HD videos at 1080p. The CAMILEO P100 comes with an 8MP CMOS sensor while the CAMILEO P30 comes with high-quality 5MP CMOS sensor. CAMILEO P100 and the CAMILEO P30 offer clear and sharp zoom technology, packing 5x optical zoom and  the P100 goes further offering 8x optical zoom when you drop image quality down to 720p HD. Both devices also packs 128MB of flash memory for storing your videos and images and you can expand it by 32GB via the built-in SDHC Card reader. You are not stuck with mall screen on the camera since both offer full HDMI connectivity along with HDMI cable, so you can quickly connect it to HDTV.

Both CAMILEO P100 and P30 camcorders are available in UK for price of £139.99 and £149.99 respectively. It is your time to decide which one you want.


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