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Ubuntu to introduce its Smartphone, Tablet and smartTV Versions

Ubuntu to introduce its Smartphone, Tablet and smartTV VersionsWhen it comes to operating systems, Windows and Mac are the leading, but yes of course. Ubuntu has made its own place in the field. Now it seems that the free OS maker wants to join the Smartphone, tablet and smartTV raid. Since it is free and open source project, many have already been attracted and use it as alternative. The company must be expecting such an acceptance on Smartphone, tablet and smartTV field also.  Canonical, the makers of Ubuntu Linux said that they will be taking on the top three firms in the smartphones and smartTV realm with a version of its Linux software.

Anyway, when it comes to Smartphone and Tablet, there is tight competition and now we can see that the iOS and Android  leaving third place to Windows Phone leading in the field and all other OS are behind these three. It is noticeable that the  even WP 7 is having hard time when it comes to the Smartphone OS.Certainly, I  don’t completely deny the possibility for the Ubuntu on these three platforms since most of the current platforms became the way they are now after they introduced a great and user friendly platform for users, if Ubuntu is successful in it, no doubt there will be people who want to use Ubuntu as well.

Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Ubuntu, is expected to bring the announcement today at the Ubuntu Developer Summit. The move to mobile devices will be after the latest 12.04 version of Ubuntu and the Unity desktop environment is stable, polished and ready for home and business users. Anyway what do you think about Ubuntu’s move?

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