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AT&T Nokia Champagne running on Windows Phone Tango leaks

AT&T Nokia Champagne running on Windows Phone Tango leaksYesterday we reported a rumor regarding to the Nokia Lumia 800 WP 7 LTE device for AT&T  and now it seems to be true. There is leak of the device codenamed Nokia Champagne, the device was leaked  via an app called “I’m a WP7!” which was previously used to discover certain Windows Phones.

All we know here is the Operating System and the name of the device, according the app, the device should be running on Widows Phone Tango. while it is expected to be the first version of the WP to support LTE, it is more likely true the rumor  that AT&T working with Nokia to bring LTE version of the Nokia Windows Phone in USA. The Nokia Champagne runs on a version 7.10.8711 of Windows Phone.

It also seems that the AT&T bound LTE Nokia Champagne to be LTE version of the Nokia Lumia 800 and nothing else. Anyway we had better wait a little before we conclude, so more accurate details may be emerging soon. So keep in touch with us for more updates.

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