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Lenovo S Windows Phone Image spotted

Lenovo S Windows Phone Image spottedWhen all are  moving to Smartphones, why should Lenovo sit back and see all these things happening in the Smartphone field?, yes now it seems that Lenovo has an intention to release Smartphone  that run on non other than Windows Phone Mango. An image allegedly Lenovo’s WP Smartphone with name of Lenovo S2 has been leaked.

The image itself shows the WP on board but according to report, the device is only targeted at Chinese market and no love for other markets. Lenovo was not mentioned by Microsoft as as one of the manufacturers for Windows Phone devices, perhaps they’re trying to keep a low profile.

The device is expected to feature a 3.8”-4” 480×800 display, a 1GHz processor, 4GB of internal storage and a front-facing camera. Anywya, take this with a grain of salt till there is an official announcement by Lenovo.

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