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Nissan to debut PIVO 3 EV at Tokyo Motor Show; releases Video

Nissan to debut PIVO 3 at Tokyo Motor Show; releases VideoNissan is getting ready to debut its next Pivo model at the Tokyo Motor Show next month. Ahead of the event, the company has released some  images and video regarding to the vehicle. The small urban vehicle at this time PIVO 3 as company says looks more realistic than ever before for the near future EV ranges.

The company says that the after PIVO 1 and 2, the PIVO 3 concept moves from the realm of imagination into a fully-evolved vehicle that envisions life in tomorrow’s cities and indicated that PIVO 3 is very close to what the next step in urban mobility will be.

PIVO 3 is zero emission three seater has the deriver seat in the middle possession rather than the left or right side of the vehicle, so travelers in the vehicle may not be feel uncomfortable. The vehicle measures  just under 3m in length and seating three in a 1+2 layout. Like the previous PIVO 1 and PIVO 2, PIVO 3 uses electric power and by-wire control technology to permit freedom of layout and the downsizing or elimination of many mechanical parts.

Inside the vehicle, there are an ultra-wide display for GPS and other information, and together with a sub-monitor and the Robotic Agent to interact with driver. Interior is designed with  stitched leather and silver-hued trim meld in a “snow white” and “EV blue” color scheme  and it looks awesome and more pleasing. Smooth surfaces add to the refined feel within the compact cabin dimensions.

Outside the PIVO 3 is  styling with bold surfaces and a new stance. Front fenders extending out of a crouching chassis with a sculptural front exude a look of agility. It’s wheels no longer turn completely sideways, but still maintain a large range of rotation. Parking the vehicle is further simplified with an Automated Valet Parking system that lets the Pivo 3 park and recharge itself in specially equipped parking slots.

We can expect more details soon since the Auto Show is only a month away, check out the video below and feel free to drop your comment in the box.

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