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Toyota Fun-Vii Concept Car unveiled

Toyota Fun-Vii Concept Car unveiledConcept vehicles will always overcome our imagination and some of them may come true and some may not,and Toyota has got a new concept car named  Fun-Vii, as name suggests, the car itself seems to be so fun and inspired from the Tron. The car looks awesome at a glance with clear black display panel on exterior.

The exterior display panel makes the car different from other concepts out there and it will even let the user to change the look and feel of the vehicle whenever they want. The panel is touch interface and can even be used to open the door. the Fun-Vii has also been designed to be a connected car in the sense that it will be able to detect blind spots for the driver, and even allows the driver to search/connect to nearby friends.

Anyway, it’s not sure if or when the Toyota has plan to put it into production or will just remain as concept other than true. For now check out the video below and feel free to drop your comment in the box.

[youtube width=”500″ height=”344″]

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