32GB ASUS Transformer Prime on Sale at Office Depot; Pricing $499

Since the launch of the ASUS Transformer Prime, there has been a very good response from consumers as expected and increasing demand. Well Office Depot has got the stock for 32GB of Transformer Prime. ASUS Transformer Prime is the first Quad0-core Tegra 3 device featuring a keyboard dock.

The 32GB version is priced at $499.99 and for 62GB you will have to wait for some days, but one thing to note that office Depot is only offering the device for online consumers, so your local Office Depot won’t have the device for sale .If you really want a digital camera with your Quad-core device,  just enter this coupon code 856155942 at checkout. The retailer offers free shipping once you order the tablet online. It shouldn’t take a long time to seel the device in-store, so stay tuned.