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Google Nexus Tablet to be launched in 6 Months: Eric Schmidth

Google Nexus Table to be launched in 6 Months: Eric SchmidthIt seems that Google has plan to introduce its own Android tablet on Nexus line up, since the Nexus device has captured many hearts in crowd, it is well idea for the company to release device on  its lineup with pure Android experience. Even though nothing has been confirmed regarding to the branding, it is most likely to be Nexus lineup. Google’s Eric Schmidt has helped the seed sprout by revealing its intention to release a tablet on its won brand name.

Ever since the Nexus device was released, it has been one of the flagship device in the crowd out there with pure Android experience and while the Google has started to roll out  unified Android Ice Cream Sandwich, this is a right time for the comp0any to  make a move with new tablet.

“In the next six months we plan to market a tablet of the highest quality”, and noted that the smartphone market specifically will see “brutal competition between Apple and Google Android.”  said to an Italian News paper named Corriere della Sera. Schmidt didn’t forget pay a tribute to late Apple CEO Steve Jobs saying that he is “the Michelangelo of our time.”

Even though there is no much details about the device, we could at least expect it to come with Quad Core and Ice Cream Sandwich, not confirmed  though. The device is also expected to be launched at the Google I/O event which is just six months away from now. Anyway stay tuned for more info, we should be able to hear more in coming months.

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