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LG 20″ and 27″ DX2500 3D Monitors debuted in Korea

LG 20" and 27" DX2500 3D Monitors debuted in KoreaAll about 3D when it comes to Monitors nowadays, and LG seems to be leading in producing a bunch of 3D monitors in the market with stunning form factors. The LG has unveiled two new 3D monitors in Korea on DX2500 series. The new monitors are glasses free and measures 27 and 20 inches.

It seems that the both displays are same in technology even though the size is different. The Monitors are coming with  parallax barrier 3D technology and can show 3D effects with no glasses needed. the display also supports head tracking  for better viewing experience for users. The head tracking is made possible with a camera embedded inside the monitor that can detect changes in the user’s eye and head position. The display can convert 2D to 3D for movies and games with a click.

The new LG DX2500 series Monitors currently available in Korea for 1.29 million Won (~$1,131) and is expected to be released internationally next year.

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