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Apple reveals iBook 2 with Textbooks, an interactive Textbooks for Students

Apple reveals iBook 2 with Textbooks, an interactive Textbooks for StudentsApple has finally unveiled its  second generation iBooks at educational event in NYC, as just rumored but didn’t take a long time to finally make its way to the public. This is Apple’s latest educational initiative with iBook and it is expected to be another revolutionary change in the educational sector as well as providing very interactive experience for students.

Apple said that it wanted to reinvent the textbooks touting iPad and its more than 20 000 education-related apps. The application aka ibooks were introduced by Apple’s productivity applications VP Roger Rosner, and he explained how interactive and engaging the books on the iPad can be.

iBook 2 offers students much more than just pages – multitouch gestures, 3D models, and interactive experiences and the application will tie  apple’s portable Apple iPad to the  “great content” of the textbook, having none of the features  the iPad can offer to the next generation of students.

In this new iBook 2 there will be separate section for these new textbook as application and can be downloaded to your iPad from the app store. With this new iBook textbooks, possibilities for the students are endless, linking endless pages, options like searching, interacting with pictures, zooming in and out to read the descriptions of elements, running embedded movies, and so on.

Authors will soon be able to create their content for platform with freedom for publishing text and graphics as well as integrating interactive elements from top to bottom.  At the end of the each chapters there will be Q and A section so teachers can directly interact with students. In teh books, you will also be  able to highlight texts and annotations can be moved into study cards for later use.

Apple will soon release a new tool called iBook author t help create very interactive textbooks with touted features, the tool will have built-in templates and authors don’t want to be a coder to do things for the iBook. There  will be templates for varieties of subjects that include cookbooks, children’s books, travel guides, math and science publications, and so on. The templates will have placeholders and you will only have drag and drop contents like images  and videos to specific placeholders. Developers with some coding skills can still make much more interactive and customized textbooks. Starting with high school textbooks, there will be titles for each subject and grade level, priced at $14.99 a piece or less.

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