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Ask Ziggy App; Siri on Windows Phone!

Ask Ziggy App; Siri on Windows Phone!Since the introduction of the Siri with Apple’s iPhone 4S, many of the developers on other platforms seem to be on an effort to provide such functionality on their own apps. Here is a new app for Windows Phone Smartphone named Ask Ziggy, which impersonate Siri’s personal assistance by using voice recognition.

In the Android market, there has already been a fair share of Siri alternative even though none of them are not close to the Siri. Anyway, when it comes to voice recognition, it is still an cutting edge technology and yet to be improved many more and has bright future. With the new Ask Ziggy, Users can take the Windows Phone basic voice recognition a bit further. It helps you check on weather, the status of a scheduled flight and even to complete a calculation for you, a bit impressive right?

Ask Ziggy has a quite impressive interface like Apple’s Siri on iOS and uses Nuance’s popular technology. Your talk is organized in bubbles as well as Ziggy’s. Interestingly, just head over to Windows Phone Marketplace since it’s for free now. check out the video below to see the app in action and feel free to drop your comment.

[youtube width=”500″ height=”344″]

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