Casio G-Shock rugged Android Smartphone displayed; Specs to be revealed soon

Casio has another rugged Android device for those who like tough device to use, the Smartphone is coming after the first Casio G’zOne Commando which was released a few months back.The Smartphone should be better one for those who don’t want to worry about damaging their phone. The Smartphone is dubbed G-Shock and bears design of watches with all the buttons on the sides.

The G-Shock has display surrounded by thick frame and seems to be good for the protection at any sever situation, and the back has more interesting design with metal caseback and exposed screws.There are also some numbers and other stuff etched on the back. The Casio G-Shock will come with some resistant features such as  shock-resistant (10 feet), pressure-resistant (1.0 ton) and water-resistant (1.0 bar).

Casio hasn’t revealed much about the Smartphone yet and the specs remain mystery as well as the release date and price for the handset. The Casio G-Shock is Android Smartphone and expected to be running on Android Gingerbread, not confirmed though. Stay tuned for more info regarding to Casio G-Shock Smartphone.


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