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First Sample Pictures by Sony XPERIA S2 12MP Camera surfaced

First Sample Pictures by Sony XPERIA S2 12MP Camera surfacedSony introduced its new XPERIA S after many teaser and leaks, the first Sony branded device with 12MP camera must have been expected to be beast by its fans, especially when it comes to the 12MP Exmor R camera. Users will surely expect a high quality images. We have Some first shots taken by Sony XPERIA S.

To be frank, the images are not stellar in quality and it proves that the camera pixels have nothing to do with the quality of an image, and pictures are really disappointing.  Anyway, we are not going to make a conclusion about the phone with these some images, the device’s release is still some moths away and Sony may come up with improved camera.

The Smartphone will get an ICS update after the release too the device is now running on Android Gingerbread though. Now check out the images taken by XPERIA S.


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