Foursquare adds Menus from almost 250,000 Restaurants in Major US Cities

Foursquare has added a new feature to its mobile phone app, the new addition is coming after a week of unveiling he Explore section of its website. Now you can check restaurant menus and its price from Foursquare with this new feature. The new features  like explore and the restaurant menu will make the site more active.

According to Foursquare, the company has partnered with  startup SinglePlatform and will add menus and pricing info for almost 250,000 restaurants in Explore.Now you can browse through more than 13 million items its pricing right from you mobile or PC . Currently the service is only available Foursquare PC and mobile website. The company said that it will soon add the feature to the mobile app soon.

When the Foursquare introduced the Explore tab for mobile app which uses the 1.5 billion foursquare check-ins from you, it allowed  city guide, personalized based on your check ins and those of your friends. with this new addition the users  may be able to plan an event or dinner and choose specific items from the menu for the party and so and so. Foursquare is trying to make the site more active and it will be more fun if the features allow the users to  to include exactly what they plan to eat as part of their check in?