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Fujitsu LIFEBOOK2013 Laptop Concept; Next-Gen Laptop with Tablet, Smartphone and Camera in one Chassis

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK2013 Laptop Concept; Next-Gen Laptop with Tablet, Smartphone and Camera in one ChassisInstead of taking our all devices like tablet, Smartphone, camera and laptop separately filled in our bag , it would be surely great idea to have it all as all in one device, that is the Fujitsu’s new concept notebook named Fujitsu LIFEBOOK2013. This is An awesome concept with all the devices like tablet, Smartphone, camera docked into the beautifully designed laptop. The device is designed by  Prashant Kumar Chandra for Fujitsu’s “A Life With Future Computing” competition.

The Fujitsu Lifebook2013 concept includes a roughly 17-inch notebook with detachable tablet inside that can be used as keyboard, a digital camera on the rear slot of the laptop’s display, a smartphone that is docked into a slot at the front of the laptop. We first saw such concept from ASUS as Padfone which was unveiled first back in Computex 2011 that docks Android Smartphone  into a larger screen section for tablet duty. Interesting part of the LIFEBOOK concept is that each devices  integrated into the laptop can be operated even when it is separated unlike the Padfone.

The concept like this one should be the more flexible devices for professional on the go even though it may be expensive. Only a glitch of the Fujitsu LIFEBOOKK2013 laptop should be needs of separate keyboard in case you want to use the tablet undocked, but I think it is not big deal if we only have to carry one device for these all facility. Moreover, processors in the Smartphone and Tablet could be used to increase performance of the notebook while handwriting entry or sketching would be easier.

If Fujitsu brings it in reality, it will be revolutionary step by the company and will be seeing many more such devices in the future. Unfortunately, Fujitsu hasn’t revealed anything, if it would use this concept for its next generation LIFEBOOK or not. The name indicates 2013 but yet we can’t assure it will be reality in the future. Anyway, check out the image below and feel free to drop your comment in the box.


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