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Fujitsu’s ARROWS Tab LTE waterproof Android Tablet at CES 2012; Hands-on

Fujitsu's ARROWS Tab LTE waterproof Android Tablet at CES; Hands-onWe have heard about Fujitsu’s waterproof tablet named ARROWS that was revealed a few months back, now has been shown off at CES 2012. In the future we can expect more such rugged devices, even at this CES. It is not a bad idea to have device  with rugged features which can be used at any climate even in the rainy day or in a situation to get the device wet, so no worries about the damage it could cause otherwise. You can even submerge the device in water.

The Fujitsu ARROWS may not be so attractive by its  thickness while considering the current standard of thickness we see on some other devices like Galaxy Tab and Toshib’s new and world’s thinnest t tablet EXCITE X10. But with this one you can get your job done at least without a fear of damage from any stress as it is made with a anti-scratch and reinforced frame.The device has pretty nice design with curved corners and glossy white surface on the rear side.

The tablet also has decent specs under the hood. The ARROWS tab is powered by Texas Instruments OMAP4430 1GHz dual-core processorand sports 10.1″ display with 1280 x 800 resolution while running on Android 3.2 Honeycomb right out of the box, it is upgradable to ICS according to Fujitsu but not sure when. The tablet has also got 1GB of RAM, disk 16/32GB, 5MP camera on the rear side and 1.3MP camera for video call. Connectivity includes GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi as well s micro-USB port and micro SD.

Unfortunately the  tablet i only available for Japanese consumers right now on NTT DoCoMo’s network with built-in LTE connectivity support. Expect the device on AT&T’s LTE network  if it comes to the state side even though it is not confirmed. And don’t hesitate to put the device in water if it gets heated using long time!!

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