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Gran Turismo 5XL with new Features to be released on January 17; Pricing $39.99

Gran Turismo 5XL with new Features to be released on Date of January 17; Pricing $39.99Craze of the Gran Turismo? you are at luck that the Sony has announced it will be bringing latest Gran Turismo 5XL Edition with a whole lot  more features and functionality as well as content in the package.

It is expected include the original Gran Turismo 5 Game that features more than 1000 cars, 20 plus locations and 70+ track layouts. Racing style including rally, NASCAR and Track Karting and more as well as deep online community features and online racing. The package also include Grand Turismo TV and course Maker and more. Vouche for over $20 worth of DLC content which include Racing Car Pack, Car Pack 2, Course Pack, Racing Gear Pack and Paint Pack and All of the new and improved features and functionality from all free downloadable game updates up through Spec 2.0 included on the disc.

The Gran Turismo 5XL is expected to be released after January 17, the package is priced at $39.99, The package also has new reversible inside coversheet sporting the new Red Bull X2011 supercar for more different look for the game. So stay tuned till the launch and feel free to drop you comment in the box.

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