Hyundai A7 Android tablet official with Specs; pricing only $79

Whenever the name “Hyundai” is heard or seen, first image we get in our mind is a Car, but I think we might have to change it soon. Hyundai has introduced a new Android tablet , the difference and may be attraction for the tablet from the crowd out there is the price tag it carries with. The Hyundai tablet named Hyundai A7  is a 7″ Android tablet with somewhat decent specs for the price.

The Tablet is powered by  1.5GHz A10 processor along with 512MB  RAM and sports a 7” 800×480 display,  8GB of internal storage and  1080p HD video playback capabilities. Moreover, the Tablet also features  HDMI output, SD and TF card support, unfortunately it misses oth Bluetooth and GPS support though.

the Tablet is reportedly running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich that makes the tablet worth your money. Don’t be eager to know the price, the tablet is only available in China right now. In China the Hyundai A7 Android  Tablet is priced at 499 Yuan which is about $79 after conversion. It wouldn’t be a big deal to get a tablet from China if yo have someone you know there, Hyundai A7 Tablet might be worth checking out if you are thinking of Cheap Android tablet in the market.