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Microsoft introduces Sensor support on Windows 8 and Sensor API for App Developers (Video)

Microsoft introduces Sensor support on Windows 8 and Sensor API for App Developers (Video)Microsoft has revealed more about its Windows 8, the company introduced its new hardware sensors, that include ambient light sensor, accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyroscope. TI is all about improved sensor system that will be seen on Windows 8 devices in the future.

The Microsoft has also explained how developers can utilize the sensors with app developed for the Windows 8 Metro UI. Windows 8 will be using the sensors for  features such as automatic screen rotation and adaptive brightness As tablets are mobile devices and will be used in various environments with different ambient lighting, a screen with adaptive brightness,  it can help  optimize readability while saving battery life.

Microsoft will introduce sensor API for developers to help them integrate the sensor with apps built for Windows 8, Microsoft says that they have looked at varieties of sensor-enabled app such as games, commercial applications, tools, and utilities. Windows has included the accelerometer that helps apps determine the motion and screen rotation. The company also hints possibility of  3D games which can be achieved by integration of sensors and they have found it attractive and more interactive.

API for the developers will let them access the power of sensor fusion from any Metro style app. Microsoft promised the API to be clean and simple as well as enabling access to  the data needed to support everything from casual games to virtual reality applications. Check out the video below to see how the apps and sensors work.


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