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Nokia N9 MeeGo PR1.2 Beta released for Developer’s N950 with Changelog

Nokia N9 MeeGo PR1.2 Beta released for Developer's N950 with ChangelogNokia has started to roll out the N9 PR1.2 beta for its developer edition N950 and we have got complete changelog of the version for the developer edition. The beta version include many new features including 5 new languages, app folders, extended copy-and-paste support (finally!), lockscreen music controls, front camera support, etc.  Check out the list below to see the main improvements, but one thing note that once you get your device updated with the PE1.2 Beta, there is no go back to the version 1.1, so make sure you need it.

  • Software update notifications for content in Nokia Store
  • Face recognition for gallery and face tags for Facebook
  • Support for folders in the application view
  • Mail thread support in the Email client
  • Extended copy-paste support
  • Media sharing with DLNA compatible devices
  • Compass support in Maps
  • New font taken into use
  • Front camera support
  • Video editing support in the Gallery application
  • Separate switch for controlling mobile background connections while roaming
  • Camera: self timer, grid on/off control
  • Clock alarm becomes silent by flipping the device face down instead of snoozing
  • People view added to the grid toolbar in the gallery
  • Audiobook and podcast support in the audio player
  • Ability to create playlists in the audio player
  • Ability to delete audio files from audio player library views via object menu

The N9 should bee seeing it soon and seems it shouldn’t take a long time, it says that Nokia take good care for its N9 users, let’s wait for the tweaks.



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