Skype for Windows Phone to be introduced soon: Microsoft

It is not new tht Microsoft is working on its own version of Skype for its Windows Phone Smartphones since it acquired the company a few months ago, but Microsoft hasn’t given a hint on when they will introduce the Skype for Windows even while the application is available Android and iOS. Skype is an important app that many Windows Phone users may be waiting for, Since the mango update the platform has got many new features and one of them will be the inclusion of the Skype integration even though to be introduced later.

Now it seems that the app for the WP 7 device is getting closer to be released and likely to be announced next month at MWC.We have video of an interview with Osterloh, VP of Microsoft products said that the Microsoft is “working on a Windows Phone product that will be coming out soon”. When  Joe Belfiore last year promised the Skype integration on Windows Phone 7, he indicated that the service would be released in late 2011, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. So we should be seeing the app soon.

Even though VP hasn’t given any hint on its launch date, it wouldn’t be sin to expect the service to be announced at MWC 2012 next month since it was supposed to be announced in 2011. In the interview, VP also talked about other features on Skype available nowadays including its partnership with Facebook that made  Skype call possible on the social site. The company is also planning the direct integration of the Skype on Windows 8 and XBOX. Now check out the video below in which VP talks about the Skype integration with Windows Phone.