Sony Tablet S gets a Price Cut by $100

In the tough competition, a price cut for tablets is not wondering, even Sony may want to do it. Sony has slashed $100 off  for its primary Android honeycomb tablet named Tablet S. According to Betanews, it is a permanent price slash even though the Sony says it as instant saving.

Anyway, benefit is for consumers. Now you can get the 16GB Tablet S for a price of $399.99  and 32GB model for $499.99. It seems that even in the this season, Tablet S sales is not great as expected. The new $499 price will cause a direct competition with the 16GB iPad 2. Anyway, it is not sure consumers would prefer Sony Tablet S over iPad just for an extra 16GB storage available in the Sony’s tablet S.

Even though the tablet is currently running on Android Honeycomb, the company has promised Ice Cream Sandwich update for bot Tablet S and Tablet P, Sony hasn’t revealed a timeline for the update though.