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Sony VAIO Z, S and C Series Laptops gets updated with new Options for Spring 2012

Sony VAIO Z, S and C Series gets updated with new Options for Spring 2012Sony has introduced its new and updated series of its VAIO notebook, the users will have many options to choose from and even in design and colors. The series on the VAIO that have got updated include Sony Z Series, S series and C Series laptops. Z Series has an optional LTE connectivity.

The Sony VAIO Z series has got upgraded with Intel core processor options of i5 and i7 and casing of  new carbon fiber silver offering. You will also get Power Media Dock drive for the device and has  a staring price of $1949.99 .

The Sony S Series is also not away from upgrade with Intel new Core processors, the upgraded model include  13-inch and 15-inch and features hybrid graphics with either Radeon HD 6470M or 6630M GPUs.The 15 inch model has a display of 1920 x 1080 resolution unit with IPS tech.with  Core i5 CPU and the IPS screen, the 15-inch has a starting price of  $979.99  while the 13 inch model starts at $799.99. Both Sony VAIO S Series are expected to be released in February.

Finally, the Sony’s C series have got some new style with a Kaleidoscope Pink color and  a pattern  on the lid really looks nice. The  casing looks to be aluminum and the design has been printed on paper using a special process to give it depth and light reflectivity. The model in C  Series include  14-inch and 15.5. If you are not interested in the pink model there is also an another model with new Geometric Black design using the same paper process. There is free  laptop sleeve with C Series.

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