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Sony Xperia S gets through FCC with AT&T 3G bands

Sony Xperia S gets through FCC with AT&T 3G bandsSony is about to release its first Android Smartphone under its own brand name SONY, the first Smartphone to come under Sony moniker is XPERIA S and Ion and now it seems that the Xperia S is getting closer to its release.and the device has finally arrived at FCC.

When the device was unveiled, the Smartphone caught attention of many with its alluring design and feature, the Smartphone is coming with   a dirt-resistant casing and a fast-recharging battery. The Smartphone is expected to hit the market via AT&T in US along with the its sibling Xperia Ion.  The FCC filing reveals that he Smartphone will be coming with AT&T’s 3G bands.

The Smartphone features  1.5GHz dual-core processor & 1GB RAM and packs  4.3″ Reality Display with HD Resolution (1280 x 720), 12MP Camera with Sony Exmore R and 32GB Internal Storage.

Anyway, don’t think that the Xperia S Smartphone can be on AT&T’s Android lineup since it is with AT&T band at FCC, but certainly you can use it on the AT&T network getting it as unlocked version. Anyway, stay tuned for more info regarding to the Xperia S, sit back and see if the AT&T is offering the Sony Xperia  S on contract.


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