SteelSeries unveils lon Bluetooth Gaming Controller for Smartphones and Tablets

When it comes to gaming, many Smartphone and tablet users might be in need of a physical controller, but there aren’t many controllers in the market with unique features like the one introduced at CES. SteelSereis  has introduced its new Gaming controller named SteelSeries Ion that will ensure an enhanced gaming experience on your mobile devices. The new controller is powered by  Bluetooth and very easy to connect with your device.

The controller will offer full features that you need to play a console quality games on your mobile device. The controller is coming with  an exceptional 20-hour rechargeable battery, so once charged, don’t worry about the charge till you finish some games. The Controller is also very compact with unique design that will ensure the portability. The Ion only has about an inch of thickness.

If the game developers do code for the Ion to work with their games, it would be an excellent  solution for lack of physical controllers that Mobiles and tablets have nowadays when it comes to gaming. SteelSeries has worked with several developers to bring the controller more usable on Smartphones and tablets.

SteelSeries hasn’t revealed price of the controller, while the SteelSeeries lon controller is expected to be released in Q2 2012.