White Samsung Galaxy Nexus to be released in next Month; pre-order now in UK

White is always special, especially when it comes to devices like tablets and Smartphones and Samsung has always released special white version for most of its Smartphones. Here goes the white version of the flagship Galaxy Nexus.

It seems that UK consumers will get the white version of the device in next month, even though a specific date for the arrival is not revealed. Concerned about pricing?? don’t worry! it is identical to its black version and nothing more.

Meanwhile, 32GB version of the Galaxy Nexus has also gone for pre-order now, but one thing to note that there is no microSD card slot to the model.

The White version is now available for pre-order in Clove UK for a price of £498.00 inc vat and expected to hit on February 6.Anyway, what’s your choice?, getting a 16GB white version soon or just need extra storage version of the Galaxy Nexus?

Source:Clove UK