HTC to introduce Three new Smartphones at MWC; HTC One V, HTC One X, and HTC One S

We have already heard about  some of the HTC’s new devices as leaks and rumors, and heard about them in different names, now it seems that the final name for the Smartphones have almost been confirmed. Pocket-lint says that the HTC has three new Smartphones for MWC and will be named as follows

the HTC One S being the previously leaked HTC Ville,
the HTC One X hiding the secrets of the HTC Endeavor aka HTC Edge,
the HTC One V was formerly known as the HTC Primo.

We have already got a glimpse on the first two devices while the last one seems to Android Ice Cram Sandwich Smartphone that will come powered by a 1GHz processor along with  1GB of RAM. The HTC One V is expected to feature a 3.7-inch screen display and a 5-megapixel camera.
There is also a rumor about another Smartphone named  HTC One XL. unlike three of the above, everything about the HTC One XL is mystery and rumor. If the phone really exists, we should see  something  about it in the coming week.