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Image of BlackBerry 10 Smartphone “London” spotted

Image of BlackBerry 10 Smartphone "London" spottedBlackBerry London has been on the rumor mill for a while and already got leaked early, the device that believed to be BlackBerry 10 Smartphone has been surfaced again but this time it gives more idea about its design. The Smartphone will be huge leap in the usual design of the Blackberry devices, the Smartphone look very different from those BlackBerry Smartphones available i the Market now.

The Image was spotted on BlackBerry London looks stunning in design with a large screen and slim form factor with a huge BlackBerry logo on the back while another logo immediate below the screen. The Smartphone in the image has rounded corner and all black color. The Smartphone seems to have front-facing camera as well as rear camera with single LED flash on top left corner of the Smartphone.

By contrast, The Smartphone has similar look to the standard Smartphones available in the market, very different from the devices in BlackBerry’s portfolio though. The UI in the Smartphone also looks good and it seems to be audio player that we see on the image with nav on the bottom. The BlackBerry London with BlackBerry10is expected to be released by the end of this year, a ptototype of the Smartphone can be expected at the BlackBerry World.Recently there was a leak of BlackBerry roadmap for this year that includes some info regarding to Smartphones that BlackBerry plans to introduce this year. Anyway, we will keep you updated when we get more details regarding to the Smartphone, till then stay tuned and feel free to drop your comment about the Smartphone.


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