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Nokia Lumia 900 on Pre-order for $25 at US Microsoft stores

Nokia Lumia 900 on Pre-order for $25 at US Microsoft storesWaiting for the most anticipated Windows Phone LTE smartphone for AT&T and want to make sure you get the one at its earliest of release? then it seems that the time for you to place an order has come, the Smartphone which is expected to be real game changer for Nokia in the USA is finally on pre-order and you only need to pay $25 for pre-order. The pre-order is offered by Microsoft Brick and Mortar retail stores and available in Cyan & Black colors.

The first LTE Windows Phone from Nokia is powered by a 1.4GHz CPU  and features  4.3″ AMOLED screen, 8MP camera on the rear and friont-facing camera for for your video call purpose. The Smartphone has 512MB of RAM and windows Pphone perform pretty good with it.

According to recent rumor, the Smartphone will hit the Market on Mach 18th for a price tag of just $99 on usual two year contract,  the date is not confirmed yet by AT&T or Nokia though.

Meanwhile, Nokia’s CEO has delivered a ridiculous comment about the unpleasant performance of the windows phones in the market, According to him it is because of the salesmen and they don’t promote windows phone while they push devices in other platforms that is easier to sell and also said that guys and gals in the smartphone shops only “want their commission and tend to only show phones they think might sell”. Anyway, do you think it is a bad thing to promote a device which salesemen think easy to sell and cash and don’t want to lose both? I don’t think so and it is up to Nokia and Microsoft to make sure that the device is in the list of easy-to-sell.


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