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Nokia N9 to dual-boot with Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Nokia N9 to dual-boot with Android Ice Cream SandwichIf you happen to fall in love with Nokia’s flag ship MeeGo N9 Smartphone while you are an Android fan and would like to get the N9 loaded with Android OS, it seems that soon your dream will come true. We have got first photto of Nokia N9 running on Android ICS  and seems that is is in its alpha stage.

The image was appeared on Alexey Roslyakov of the NITDroid team and seems that the NITDroid team is also working to port the Android on good old N900 Maemo. The nokia N9 was greatly known for its design and hardware  while it lacks developers and may not have further expansion.

The Nokia N9 is coming with no physical button as it doesn’t require for its platform with a fairly large 3.9-inch display and other usual features. One of the interesting thing is that you don’t have to worry about MeeGo  on the N9 as you can dual boot the device with both Android and MeeGo, so you can enjoy both platforms. Anyway, let’s wait and see how it workd on N9 and we will be getting you updated with more info, so stay in touch with us.


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