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Samsung Galaxy S III and Apple iPhone 5 rumored to be Waterproof?

Samsung Galaxy S III and Apple iPhone 5 rumored to be Waterproof?Rumors regarding to new Samsung Galaxy 3 and iPhone 5 have been in the Air for a while, and here is an interesting rumor about the upcoming two Smartphone. The rumor came from an anonymous tipster from a large UK retailer that the successor of the flagship Android Smartphone Galaxy S II will be waterproof. And the iPhone 5 has also been rumored to be the Water-resistant.

According to reports, both flagship devices from Samsung and Apple will have special nano coating on its chips, so it will be impenetrable by water.

It is an interesting feature many Smartphones  are already supposed to have, and it will save some money for those who are careless to their devices. And thanks to the coating which enables the companies to manufacture high-end devices as fully water-proof .  The waterproof coating technology was developed by a company called Liquipel  and the company is offering the same technology for you Smartphones that will set you back $59 to$79.  You can know more about the technology from the source link and see if your Smartphone is supported.


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