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Samsung Galaxy S III to be released in July?

Samsung Galaxy S III to be released in July?Samsung’s highly anticipated follow-up to its ground-breaking Galaxy S2, the S3 could be coming sooner rather than later. Network operators in South Africa have hinted the device could well be on sale by July. Samsung is planning an event for the middle of March which many people are speculating will be the official unveiling and launch.

A website in South Africa says that the network Cell C has confirmed to them that the Galaxy S3 will be on sale by July. Virgin Mobile has already said it will be during the third quarter, which could be anytime from July through to September. The UK is a major market for Samsung which means it could be the second quarter, even potentially as early as June when the device arrives here.

Originally it had been expected that Samsung would unveil the S3 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, taking place this week. It’s the major event in the mobile and technology industry where the majority of manufacturers unveil new handsets and ranges, banking on release dates for the early summer to woo consumers and get a good run up. Instead, Samsung said they would not be unveiling the S3 at the trade fair; instead they would throw the device its own party and focus on other devices like the Galaxy Beam during Mobile World Congress.

This is an Apple type of approach to a phone launch, making the device the spectacle rather than anything else. Apple is the only major smartphone manufacturer that does not have a presence at Mobile World Congress, preferring to leave its phone launches for its own private events. And why not? This approach means the S3 would not have to fight for any space or against any competition, it can drive anticipation and enthusiasm itself and hopefully gain the same kind of headlines that Apple did for the iPhone 4S just six months ago.

Very little is known about what the S3 will look like. It would be madness if it was not a quad-core device, with HTC launching the One X, LG launching a quad-core device and even ZTE making a splash with new quad-core handsets such as the ZTE Era. The Galaxy S3 was previously rumoured to just be dual-core, but Samsung has already announced the development of its own quad-core chip.

Considering how influential the S2 was in terms of making the dual-core processor ubiquitous in terms of smartphone design, Samsung would shoot itself in the foot if it did not launch the device with as powerful a punch as it can muster. Whether it will run Android 4.0 as its operating system, or Samsung’s own, Bada, is still not known –although Android seems more than likely.

One recent rumour that has emerged states that the Galaxy S3 will have a ceramic battery case and a 4.8 inch Super AMOLED HD screen. It is also expected to come with LTE (where available) and a 12 megapixel camera, NFC support and the latest version of TouchWiz. The specs suggested that the S3 will have the capability run either Android or Bada.

Samsung has not announced when the launch for the S3 will be, merely saying it will be in the first half of the year. Another watch this space, then.


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