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Amazon Kindle Touch 3G E-Reader on Pre-order in 175 Countries

Amazon Kindle Touch 3G E-Reader on Pre-order in 175 CountriesAfter the launch of  series of e-readers, Amazon has officially announced that the full-features Kindle Touch 3G is on pre-order in more countries. The Kindle Touch e-Readers were launched a  few months back and the 3G version comes with  free 3G wireless connectivity for your downloading needs.

According to Amazon, with the free wireless 3G srvice, users won’t have to sign a annual contracts and will neither have to pay nor look for WiFi hotspot for your downloading purposes. The Amazon has added two new features to the Kindle Touch 3G that include a feature called X-Ray and X-Ray. Wht the feature called X-Ray, users will be able to explore the “bones of a book” with a single tap and all the passages across a book that contain ideas, fictional characters and other things with detailed  description  provided by Wikipedia and Shelfari.  The second new feature offers text-to-speech, audiobooks and mp3s. Users will be able to discover, download and listen to audiobooks.

According to the Amazon, The Kindle Touch 3G is available for pre-order across 175 countries and shipping date is April 27. If you are one among those who have been waiting for the Kindle Touch 3G, head over to the Amazon and make sure you get your device reserved.


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