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Apple 7.85″ iPad mini to come with Slim Bezel Display; pricing from $249-$299

Apple 7.85″ iPad to come with  Slim Bezel Display; pricing from $249-$299DigiTime has dug up a little more rumor today, after report about the Nokia tablet, here comes about an alleged 7 incher iPad  and this time also the source of the info is not different from usual, the same supply chain.

According to the report, the mini iPad will features 7.85″ display made by LG and AU Optronics, but don’t expect it to be higher resolution like the new iPad announced recently.The report also says that the Apple plans to use very thin Bezel to get the device more compact and and the mini iPad is expected to be priced at from $249-$299 depending on the configuration.

Certainly, if the report comes in reality, it will give a real challenge for the Android tablets as well as  expand the tablet iOS applications universe significantly. and may benefit iPad owners. Anyway, nothing  si a confirmation other than rumors, so just feel free to take it with a grain of salt, in case it was not true?


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