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Best Buy Document Leak; shows new iPad for Sprint

Best Buy Document leak; shows new iPad for SprintYou know that the Apple’ s new iPad will be available from both AT&T and Verizon and it was confirmed by Apple at the iPad event, and as you know that the new iPad is coming with high-end specs under the hood including LTE connectivity, so why should it be heading to Sprint as well??, yes now it seems that the new  iPad will be heading to the Sprint.

We know that the Sprint is about to launch its LTE network in the near future and the company has already announced it. Unfortunately Apple didn’t mention anything about the Sprint having the iPad 3 on its network, but a leak internal document from Best Buy shows the new iPad under the Sprint moniker, unfortunately it is not sure when the device will be available. Anyway, it is good news for those sprint consumers who may want an iPad LTE tablet over other devices available in the market.

If you are interested, just start saving some bucks for the tablet so you will be able to grab the device at the first chance when it comes to the Sprint.

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