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Google Chrome Version 18 released with improved Graphic Acceleration

Google Chrome Version 18 released with improved Graphic AccelerationGoogle has released another version for its Chrome browser with some improvements and features, and the new version is now Chrome v18.  The update is now available for download and this time the Browser comes with a  GPU-accelerated Canvas 2D  enabled that will ensure better performance for web applications like games.

The Chrome v18 also has used web applications like games perform even better that will let  WebGL 3D applications to run on older graphical hardware and Windows XP. The users will be bale to see contents that they wouldn’t have bee able to see before. The GPU-accelerated Canvas2D will work on both PCs and Macs.

Google says that the company is continually working on the Chrome browser to make sure the best for its users and  tweaking to its Canvas2D implementation. If you have the Chrome browser installed, you will get the auto-update or you can check the update by going to “About Google Chrome” from the browser options or download the new Chrome from the source link.


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