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Google Nexus Tablet to be priced at $149; ASUS gives up MeMo 307T Tablet?

Google Nexus Tablet to be priced at $149; ASUS gives up MeMo 307T Tablet?It is not new that we hear about the Google’s Nexus Tablet, there has already been rumors regarding to the Google’s paln to bring a tablet in its flagship Smartphone name. but it seems that the tablet will be as cheap as we could ever imagine in that name.

Interestingly, speculation goes further,  there has been rumor that ASUS  has terminated the ASUS MeMo 370T tablet which was  revealed at the CES back in January. The tablet was expected to be cheapest Android device with Tegra 3 Chipset under the hood. Even though the tablet was also anticipated to be detailed at the MWC, it didn’t happen. And it should be because Google has partnered with ASUS to bring the Google Nexus tablet true and it also seems that the Tegra 3 processsor is also out as well.

And if the reports are true, the tablet should be priced excitingly at  $149, there are also info reportedly obtained from supply chains that the tablet price spans to $199. If it becomes true and comes with Quad-core under the hood, it will be awesome device  and certainly give other companies a run for the money and even if the tablet is not coming with a Quad-core it wouldn’t be unpleasant for such a price. Source of supply chains say that the cheap Google slate project is a “done deal”. Recently there are a news that the tablet would be launched in 6 months. Anyway, let’s wait and see.


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