Google releases Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich Update for Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus

Google has started to roll out an ICS update for the UMTS/GSM devices and  Android 4.0.4 for the HSPA+ version of the Galaxy Nexus in the Europe. The update is pushed out for the current Nexus flagship, along with its predecessor, the Nexus S and Motorola XOOM WiFi as OTA.

Even though Google released an update Android 4.0.3 for the Google Nexus S back in December,the update was pulled due to some reasons that left some users with old Gingerbread while those who got updated with the 4.0.3 was having a half baked update and Galaxy Nexus stuck with 4.0.2.

This new update will bring many improvements including stability improvements, better camera performance, improved phone number recognition, smoother screen rotation and more. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Nexus LTE version may get an update in a few weeks that will take the device to Android 4.0.5.