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Nokia Lumia WP Smartphones to come with PureView Camera soon

Nokia Lumia WP Smartphones to come with PureView Camera soonWow it is an exciting news for Nokia Windows Phone Smartphone fans, yes the PureView has already made talk in the Smartphone market with its 41MP camera and finally grabbed the prize for best Smartphone from MW and since then Windows Phone fans migght be expecting a device with such staggering camera behind a Windows Phone Smartphones. Yes you are lucky.

Executive Vice President of smart devices at Nokia, Jo Harlow has announced its plan to integrate the PureView technology with future Lumia Smartphones and hinted that it shouldn’t take long time for its arrival. When we know that Nokia Lumia was another version of Nokia N9 and it didn’t take a long time to hit the Market after N9 was unveiled first, we could expect the Lumia with 41MP camera soon even though the PureView Project started 5 years back, but now it has been materialized and may not take a long time to get it integrated with Windows Phone devices.

When it comes to performance it shouldn’t be an issue since the PureView 808 already has a a single-core 1.3GHz processor with 512MB with capability to do things and it shouldn’t good for the current Windows Phone, the processing will have to be adjusted for Qualcomm platform. Anyway, let’s expect more details and scoops in the coming months  and now take look at the Nokia PureView 808.


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