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Nokia to release two low-end MeeGo Smartphones?

Nokia to release two low-end MeeGo Smartphones?Even though Nokia has announced that it wouldn’t be bringing further MeeGo device in the Market after the N9, now it seems not so and certainly those MeeGo users have a little relief from the frustration about its end. The report came from source in the Next Billion Group and it is part of the company’s Next Billion strategy for developing markets. According to report by NetbookNews, the Nokia is preparing two low-end MeeGo devices and expected to be heading to developing countries.

Even though the Nokia released the N9 and it was believed to be its escape route from the Nokia’s Symbian, later Nokia was announcing the Windows Phone 7 as its major platform for the future and released Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 with same design. It was a bit shock for those who had a lot of expectation in the platform and attracted the N9. But Nokia recently released an update for the Nokia 9 with a lot of new features and improvements and has managed to keep its consumers satisfied.

While Android Smartphone has managed to come with cheap price tags and it is threat enough for Nokia’s low end Smartphone market in the developing countries, it seems like the company has to come with better platform than its own Symbian or low end series like Asha/Series 40 targeting at the developing countries.

While MeeGo has a lot of nice features and better multitasking capability and cool interface, Nokia itself was trying to ignore the platform and it seems like it was because of the slow run in its development cycle. One of the advantages of the OS is its relatively low specification demands: the N9, for instance, runs a mere 1GHz TI OMAP3630.

Anyway, with this new rumor, it seems like we could see more  MeeGo based  Smartphones with competitive price without compromising its features and possibilities.While series 40 devices are not at all good in its features and performance, the MeeGo can certainly attract many with its smooth interface, and may be this is the reason the Nokia looking back at the MeeGo,  despite the fact that the Nokia N9 was to be the first and last MeeGo handset.


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