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Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus expected to be released in April; win a Galaxy Nexus

Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus to hit in April; win a Galaxy Nexus We know Samsung Galaxy Nexus would be heading to the Sprint, but would it be bad if you won a Galaxy Nexus ?? no I think, so here is great chance to win a Galaxy Nexus on Sprint network that has been scheduled to hit the Market in April. You have chance to win a Galaxy Nexus on its Data Storm sweepstakes that will run through April 5. And all you need to do to participate in the  sweepstakes is some simple steps that will be completed in some clicks.

Just head over to the Sprint’s Data Storm web page and fill out the form available on the page and to increase the chance of your winning a Smartphone, submit form each day and if you want to fill out more forms per day, just play the Data Storm online game and find the Magic Datadrop, so you will get  one more entry each day.

And finally those who are winners in the Data Storm sweepstakes will be drawn on April 16 and it also hints that the Sprints Galaxy Nexus will be launched around that date. And interestingly, this time Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus will come with LTE supports as rival to the Verizon’s counterpart. If you are interested in the sweepstakes, just head over to the source.


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