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Windows 8 Tablets reportedly to be released in October

Windows 8 Tablets reportedly to be released in OctoberIt seems like Microsoft is getting closer to release of the first Windows 8 Tablet, and reportedly planning to release the tablet this summer. It seems like Microsoft is aiming the holiday season with this launch.according to Bloomberg citing a source says that the Microsoft is planning launch in October 2012.

According to reports, the tablet will come powered by both ARM and Intel-based solutions, but it is reported that the Intel will be dominant initially with 40 system powered by Intel while  less than 5 running on ARM.Microsoft will control the ARM based devices for matching quality purpose and so there will be only 3 ARM-based tablets.

When it comes to Market, as a new platform, the tablet may struggle to catch up with other Android and  iOS tablets. While the Google is reportedly working on its next Android version Jelly Bean and the Apple has its powerful new iPad with Quad-core processor and LTE included for iPad 2 price, Microsoft will have to include competitive features as well as price to see a boom in the market.

Microsoft is panning an official event to launch the Windows 8 and it is said to be in April. One of the biggest obstacle to get the device to Market might be  making the Windows 8 run on ARM, but it should be  worth waiting.


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