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Dolby and Philips to bring glasses-free 3D HD Displays

Dolby and Philips to bring glasses-free 3D HD DisplaysDolby and Philips have shown off its new 3D HD diplay prototypes, the new project is at its early stage though, the new Dolby 3D format enable s the glasses-free 3D HD viewing for displays of any size allowing the 3D HD content to be delivered to any devices ranging from HDTVs to tablets and smartphones.

The new Dolby Philips display has 26 different viewing angles and utilizes a sheet of undulated plastic to deflect pixels in various directions. It seems like requiring   a very high-resolution screen and will be difficult to implement on smaller devices like Smartphones.with this new Dolby 3D format, you can also  adjust the  depth of the 3D effect to suit your distance to the screen.

Anyway, the new Dolby 3D solution will take time to make its way to consumers and seems to be in its early stage. The higher price of such display is also considered to be a biggest obstacles to  adopt  in the consumers devices. Sorry If  you are eager to know when the Philips and Dolby 3D Display hits the market, shouldn’t expect till 2013

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