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Intel 313 Series SSD goes on Sale; Price starting at $120

Intel SSD 313 Series goes on Sale; Price starting at $120Intel’s new SSD 313 Series has finally released and available for purchase starting today. The Intel SSD 313 Series comes in two sizes, 20 and 24GB. The 24GB features a slower read speed than its smaller counterpart at 160MB/s against 220MB/s. On other hand the same 24GB SK has a writing speed at  115MB/s  that is faster than the smaller unit which speeds at 100MB/s.

If you are thinking of using the Intel  Intel’s Rapid Start and Smart Response technology along with an Ivy Bridge CPU on a 7-series motherboard, better make sure you have enough RAM as the  20GB model is equivalent to 4GB of RAM and the 24GB model is equivalent to 8.

By  combining an Intel SSD 313 Series and Intel Rapid Start Technology, you have an faster and instant-on experience and allows your system to load from hibernate mode at super speed. The Intel SSD 313 Series utilizes the Intel 25 nanometer Single Level Cell Compute NAND and promised to offer more than 10 times the endurance over Multi Level Cell (MLC) NAND. Pricing for the SSD 313 Series 20GB model is $120  while  $140 for 24GB model.

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