Intel launches Ivy Bridge Processors; Desktop Quad-Cores pricing from $174

Intel launches Ivy Bridge Processors; Desktop Quad-Cores pricing from $174

Finally Intel has launched the most anticipated next generation processor named Ivy Bridge. The processor have been on rumor and laptops with Ivy Bridge inside have already been spotted online many times. the third-generation core processor beginning  with quadcore assault on the high-end laptop and desktop and dual-core and ultrabook version will be following this spring.

The new chips are built on 22nm processes using 3D Tri-Gate transistors and the company claims the processor will increase the processing speed significantly while reducing the power consumption. The processor include eight different variants of Core i7 for desktops and notebooks and five types of Core i5 destined for desktops only.

Intel PC business lead Kirk Skaugen said that Intel 22nm Ivy Bridge processor deliver “about 20-percent more processor performance using 20-percent less average power” and promised that Thhey should eventually show up on hundreds of devices. He also indicated that there are more than 300 mobile products in development and more than 270 different desktops and many of them are all-in-one designs.

If you are looking for  low-power variants and more mid-range models  ranges cheaper dual-core i5, i3 and Pentium-branded options, will have to wait for a little longer.  Skaugen promised that there will be 50-percent more supply than company had early in the product cycle of our last generation,Sandy Bridge, a year ago.

The transistor benefits from the 3D Tri-Gate chips, out of the silicon base that allows for denser packing on each chip, with three transistors to each jutting “fin”.

When it comes to pricing, the company asks  at least $174 for a Core i5 desktop chip and at least $278 for a desktop i7, high-end notebooks with i7 Ivy Bridge processor will start from  $378 and peak to  $1096 for the maximum spec i7-3920XM. We can expect bunch laptops  with Ivy Bridge updates from different companies in the coming weeks and some of the laptops including HP Elitebook, Lenovo ThinkPad and Sony VAIO E Series have already been surfaced online.