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Intel unveils Intel Letexo Ultrabook/Tablet prototype

Intel unveils Intel Letexo Ultrabook/Tablet prototypeIntel has showed off a Windows 8 powered convertible prototype device dubbed  Letexo. The device was shown at the IDF 2012 Letexo held in Beijing and the device looks to be interesting with a convertible form factor that lets you use  with all forms of computer that we know now as either a tablet, an ultrabook or even an all-in-one PC.

The Letexo can be used as either tablet or ultrabook. The screen of the device can also be pushed forward and get its  screen propped up against a built-in stand and will allow to turn it into a a small all-in-one PC solution with a touchscreen interface.

The Intel Letoxo design has  reminiscence of the ASUS Eee Pad Slider and the Transformer/Transformer Prime,  as an all in one solution, it makes it easy for users to decide if they want to buy  buy an ultrabook, or a tablet and if they are willing to spend extra money on the detachable keyboard accessory. It is reported taht the Intel Letexo will be running on Intel’s Ivy Bridge platform but no details if any manufacturer have signed on to start the production of the Intel Letexo. Anyway, are you interested in this form of mobile device?


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