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Microsoft to bring $300 Windows 8 Tablet; aims to bring the iPad share to 50%

Microsoft to bring $300 Windows 8 Tablet; aims to bring the iPad share to 50%Microsoft really needs to do something different that can attract the consumers when it brings its Windows 8 tablet in the market as Android and Apple dominate the tablet market, and the company will have to do it with features as well as the price and now it seems like Microsoft is planning to bring cheap Windows 8 tablet in the market.

According to Digitimes, price for the low end Windows 8 tablet has been leaked and Microsoft is preparing low-end tablet with Windows 8 in its RT version and has enlisted HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Asus and Toshiba as manufacturers and it seems like Lenovo and Acer are keen to build the cheaper Windows tablets for the vast market in Asia.

The report says that the tablet with low end features will cost $300 or even less while Intel also aiming tablet with its processor ranging from $300-$1000 based on configuration. It is rumored that the 32 Windows tablets will be landing before the year-end and we know affordable slates will not be bad thing for any countries and if it comes with reasonable features, it will certainly shake the ground.

According to Microsoft, the Windows RT will feature  Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint  in their versions for ARM processors on all such tablets. Intel is reportedly set a goal to bring the iPad share below 50% next year.  It seems like Apple would have tough time in the 2013 while Windows (phone) 8 and Google  acquisition of the Motorola Mobility. Anyway, let’s wait and see.


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